TrackIt Documentation

The documentation for the app is still very much a work in progress.

The TrackIt -app is a simple tool to keep track of time used on things. The usage is simple: First, edit the number and the labels of the buttons. On mobile devices long press opens the edit window and on desktop hovering the cursor over a button shows the edit icon. The plus-icon on bottom adds a new button with the edit window. Within the edit window is it possible to set the label of the button, the color and the group. If buttons are in the same group they cannot be pressed down simultaneusly.

Start the timer and press the buttons on and off, this saves the times the button has been pressed and thus keeps track of things.

Afterwards, clicking the graph-icon opens a timeline showing the time used on the things. From there, it is also possible to save the timeline as image or download the data as css-file.

The app does not collect any data nor does it sen any information to any outside parties. The names of the buttons and the state of the timer is saved locally on the browser.


More will be added later!